Smoked Thought

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quite Unparlimentary

Dear Parlimentarians,
I write this letter to you as I recover from the first surgery of my gall bladder. I have been resting in my home for past two weeks to recover from a medical procedure which can affect the way I eat and sleep for the rest of my life. Nonetheless to say - my confidence says that I will live and come out of this unscathed and once again march onto my daily life in order to support my dreams, family and fellow countrymen through the salary taxes I pay. I know that in not so distant land, there will be much poorer and sick people of India who would like to believe in your thoughts of governing this nation of ours. Every day we wake up to pray that our leaders will give us the world we all desire and contribute for. I and my fellow countrymen are hopeful that one day, our leaders will think of things which are important apart from abuse against each other in the epitome of democracy - that the money which we as tax payers slave our lives in order to earn - will be utlized properly and not wasted upon. That our beloved leaders will realize that they have been elected to give us the economic and social freedom. That horse trading and arm twisting is best left to bull fights and dignity of parliment is unto you to maintain. That throwing showcase money into the ring is just another cheap way of further publicity. With due respect, I loved gujrat for it's marvellous infrastructure and people when I visited it. It was a shame that nation burned just because we mistrusted our own people and killed them instead of roundtables that India is so famous for. Today, 'O' fellow great countrymen and parlimentarian and the leader of middle class and sadly the perpetrator of hate politics, I cannot forgive you for allowing the dignity of my nation being harrased in front of entire world - a world which gave us the opportunity to stand on our feet again. Only you and your cheap antics could have given this - I today declare that when next general elections come in - you shall be prosecuted in streets for the bloodshed you carved in Babri/Godhra and that your idealogies will be wiped away from the history book as well till the time you do not apoligize to us as nation. I have a big heart and have forgiven people who have cheated on my personal life - but today was the drag you yourself called.
As Rahul Gandhi said - we are a powerful and young country and have no reason to fear - as our actions will determine how the world is impacted and not how the world impacts us.
Dear parlimentarian - you have lost the support of the middle class today.