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Sunday, March 16, 2008

How you do it also matters

Last night was hilarious as only it can get....My wife has this amazing scare of cockraoches which instantly reminds me of Sreedevi's soul searching cry in Mr. India...Well - the story first ----
We had just touched down from a home shopping spree and cafe rendezouvous in Mocha...It was a rainy and a beautiful evening...
Alas, there it ended when we entered the Kitchen for keeping some stuff.. Priyanka cried out and in a second was on the adjacent Dining table as if some ghost from darkness has taken her over..I got scared and immiediately danced towards the window to run for cover. I shouted what the hell happened? and in a moment of looking through her eyes I realized it was the cockroach scare. Having spent last one year of my marriage (oh gosh it has been long!!!) killing these pesty idiots, I have become habituated by the idea of taking my slipper off and then just kill these antenna friends from my basement lab...This time I did the same - but it was yuck - it was a bloody affair with my kitchen slab resembling a shootout zone (ok - I am exaggerating a bit - ok a lot)...Then with pride as if a Man has just come back from a great hunt - I exclaimed - it's killed Honey..You can come inside. This time I really expected a thanks note atleast from her. I have been her saviour from the pointed eyes of small beast...What do you think I got?
She entered the kitchen and instantly made the worst nauseatic face I have ever seen... was terrible - Life can make you yo-yo from hero to zero....
Lesson - Never kill a cockroach on Kitchen slab, run it down and then kill it with a spray or a mop...In this world of expectations, deed isn't the only thing which will make your woman take you as a hero...How you do it also always!!!


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