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Monday, November 21, 2005

Googling Out Google

Just a few questions to start with…..

What is Google?

How does Google work?

Probably the first question, most of you would have answered by now or guessed (if that is the case, then seriously dude, you need to go to a well and die a well deserved death).

The second question, although majority would know the answer; but let me just explain to those minority as well. As any search engine does Google dishes out the pages on its list on popular demand via a technique known as demography. The technique uses the population sample to determine the rankings of the internet sites most widely hit and read. (Democracy at work here as well.) The essence of Google is not only that it’s search is more wide (akin the database) but it is the biggest brand in it’s field of business. Yes, it is branding that is making it tick. The bigger the brand, more the usage
And more the varied search. Note, here the emphasis is on Variety of search because the crux of Google Coding and Programming is only it’s open ended approach to the problem of finding the correct match for keywords. That’s why they keep hiring more and more intelligent brains to replace their old search methods (hard coded.)

Coming back to the old query: How does Google ranks the sites? As explained earlier, it is pure democracy at work. Does this make your Algo writing skills tick in open?

No, try this, any search engine programming crux lies in simple “If (x>y)” where x, y would be variable values of hits to the site. Hence, it is the intricate measure of these simple statements that makes the heart of a search engine tick. The output we get is the page ranking. Of course, many search engines (as in the case of Google) have sponsored links as well. But heck, if they start forming the chunk of the search outputs then nobody would care to log on and search the most widely viewed site. It would be just like having food on a party whose menu has already been decided by someone else (note a single entity) and not by a democratic system. (Don’t we love democracy?).

Simply put, Google is no different. It works on the same logic train. It is just more sophisticated, recognized and trusted.

Since, we are through those two questions. Let’s move on to the Crux of this write up.


Sounds tough; try this theory: The failing of Google code would occur when a virus is embedded in it’s architecture that makes the hits of all sites in the database equal. That is to say that everything in the domain of Google should become quasi static…i.e. the code should have enough processing speed to take care of the imbalances that occur on the millisecond time basis on it’s programming code (remember if comparisons.) For, example if two sites have same hits then a search engine can’t display both of them on it’s page rank. Agreed, these things would be occurring on a daily basis in it’s architecture (HOW DOES IT COUNTER THEM? Haven’t you noticed that some sites are just arranged alphabetically) but when you do this on a complete basis across all it’s domain then what you will get is simply a hanged page or alphabetically arranged listing of sites. Is that fun? Remember your days of Dictionary search? Google is a better engine as it relies on Peer reviews to push forward an idea for common people.

But again the question is? How do you write this virus?

Simple: Copy Google’s code (which you won’t get from anywhere coz dude itz right protected, hence you might have to design Google by yourself) and replace all count statements with null and void. This would make the counting stand still for a few days and make the host vulnerable to future attacks. Once counting stops, just hack the page and replace all comparison (IF) statement with True conditions. This would make everything appear as static and Balanced..i.e.nothing is comparable.
Google will end.

Don’t try this at home……A serious warning…You are liable to be prosecuted by NSA as Google for them is the biggest Secret weapon for listing Cryptographic details of those criminally minded. How? Watch out for this space…..we shall continue….


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