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Sunday, March 02, 2008

What the Hell

How many times have you cried out in life - What the hell?
I do it almost every other is really becoming a habbit of mere frustation on traffic...on helpless condition of our cities....on somebody in office who will always want to escape work...
of somebody in a pub being a nuisance...of watching a bad movie...of listening to some idiotic review...of watching India lose from position of strength (wud be the most one)...of fight with someone you love....of watching everything go bad when it is not supposed to...list goes on...
Well - to tell you frankly - I have heard thousand of ppl say that take it easy and there is no hell...
Answer - shut up and just shout WHAT THE HELL? when u r angry...don't bottle anything...and let the bad wine flow helps me relax and forget that something bad happened which I could not next time a btful gal in a downtrodden pub turns down your drink - say WHAT THE HELL and offer someone else the drink....wat say?


Blogger Sreejith said...

a vent to our frustration is crucial. many people say this vent should be a positive channel.. like a post on a blog? you can of course write 'what the hell' on your blog :D

10:20 AM  
Blogger Priya said...

True and I know you do that. Initially I used to get a little worried seeing you cribbing or taking out your anger so easily. But, now I see it as positvie as you. Learning the same from you. You are the master!!

5:25 AM  

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