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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ummm....I am busy

I am busy....busy with what?
No answer...Knock...Knock...why don't you leave me alone?
Well...but you don't seem to do anything?
Then why should I leave you alone? If there is nothing you are doing then why don't you do this for me? it nesscary to do something actionable...Can't I be busy mentally? I could be thinking somehow? Isn't that reason enough to be busy.....
Everyday...we seem to be lost on our way thinking about something or other when that chain is disturbed by somebody who doesn't care....busy is a syndrome most people suffer from...given a chance everybody would like to be free and do nothing...yet get to travel and do everything that they want to...Freedom is at a my dear you have to face these ironic questions everyday...till the day you wish to live no longer and loose yourself in the myrad of craziness and translation...but truly? What is freedom?
If courage is to create a dream of your own...then Martyrdom is to follow it...Freedom is to experience the both...why? Dream we all do...but don't go down the path of it everytime...follow the dream...we all do...but it is almost everytime somebody else's when you think aloud about what you really see and that sight is something you's like a mirage...a water pump in the mid of get your freedom...but it comes at a cost...
look around the people whom you have heard about...MG followed it and was gunned down at a age when India was forming....Nelson mandela spent some 17 years in Jail....Dhirubhai Ambani/Warren Buffet spent some 20 years of thier youth to follow their dreams...
Freedom is an idea of your own can't be created's a chain of thought culminating in a feeling of long lasting selfishness....myself - I am still busy thinking about it...that's why don't disturb me more? when I get the answer I will tell you about it....


Blogger Priya said...

Ummm....I am now busy thinking why you wrote what you wrote. So, as soon as I get the answer and I am free I'll tell you!!!

7:11 AM  

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